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Everyone has their own way of motivating themselves. And it doesn't matter how you motivate yourself as long as it works. I noticed that most of you give up easily and that really bothers me. Let me tell you why. in all the years that I've been helping people I've never come across someone I thought I should just give up on. So when you give up on yourself it really bothers me. Practice makes perfect they say, so keep on pushing until you find that rythm. Keep trying always!!!

Let me give you a litte advice. Stick to your plan the best you can and if you find yourself veering off the path, thats ok re-assess and go back to the plan. Remember never give up! 

Now, do it right the first time so you don't have to strugle with your weight for the rest of your life. This means change your body compostion once and for all. More muscle then fat. dont just read some stuff online and think you know what your doing, because if it was that simple everyone would be in great shape. And don't be fooled by people that are thinner then you, it doesn't mean that they are healthier then you. 

I could go on forever. please if you need my help or need to understand why things are not happening for you, please call us so we can guide you in the right direction. 

Remember, we love you guy's!