What body type are you? How can you tell? Take our test.

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1. My Bone Structure Is:
Very Large
Large To Medium
Small to Frail
2. My Body Tends Towards:
Carrying Too Much Fat
Being Lean And Muscular
Being Too Skinny
3. My Body Looks: (Men only)
Round and soft
Square and rugged
Long and tenuous
4. My Body Looks: (Women only)
Mostly straight up and down
5. As A Child I Was:
Too thin
6. My Activity Level Is:
Fairly Active
Over active, can\'t sit still
7. My Approach To Life Is:
Laid back
8. My Metabolism Is:
Just right
Too fast
9. People Tell Me:
I should lose some weight
Stay the same, that I look fine
I should gain some weight
10. If You Encircle Your Wrist With Your Other Hand's Middle Finger And Thumb:
Middle finger and thumb do not touch
Middle finger and thumb just touch
Middle finger and thumb overlap
11. Concerning My Weight, I:
Gain weight easily, but find it hard to lose
Gain or lose weight fairly easily. Usually stay about the same
Have trouble gaining weight
12. I Am Hungry:
Almost all the time
Just at meal times
13. People Would Describe Me As An:
Emotional person
Physical person
Intellectual person

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